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Please read below for some answers to common questions. You can also get answers by clicking on our F.A.Q tab.

Practices usually start in early April and run up until Opening Day (TBD).  Teams will get 2-3 field practices and 2-3 batting cage practices during this time, weather permitting.  Practices typically start around 6:00pm during the work week for most divisions. Practices will also be scheduled on the weekend (Saturday) from 9:00am - 4:00pm.


Regular season begins April (TBD)and runs through mid June depending upon the division.  Teams usually play two games per week, weather permitting.  We try to schedule make-up games if necessary.  We try to schedule certain divisions (AAA, Majors, Juniors) such that it minimizes conflicts with travel baseball/softball.  Games typically start around 5:15pm, 7:15pm and 6:00pm during the work week depending on the division. Games on Saturday run from 8:30am - 5:00pm. T-ball only plays 1 game a week and is the only division that plays strictly on Saturdays.


Certain divisions will hold playoffs at the end of the regular season. Majors and Juniors in both Baseball and Softball will have D9 Team tournaments that start around the 2nd week of June. These games might require some travel to surrounding LL's. AA Softball, AA Baseball and AAA Baseball will have a BTLL Tournament that begins around the 2nd week of June. These games will be held at BTLL fields. The schedule for these games come out at the last minute, so there is typically very little warning.


All Star teams are formed for certain divisions based on players being nominated by their coaches. Based on this list of players a team of 12-13 players will be selected by the All-Star Manager that is appointed by the Board of Directors.  Rules are strictly enforced during tournament play -- ages, boundaries, Little League approved equipment, etc… All Stars can play many games per week depending upon the dynamics of the participating leagues.  Scheduling information comes out at the last minute so it is often difficult for parents to plan. All Star games usually begin in early July and can run all the way through the end of August or even into September depending how far a team goes.
2022 Sponsorship Registration

Byron Twp Little League is dedicated to building character, courage and loyalty in local area youth by providing fun, safe, and competitive baseball and softball programs. To be successful, BTLL requires a tremendous amount of support by the local community.

Your donation helps offset the costs of equipment, player insurance, adequate umpire training, and operational expenses, and will help supplement participation fees. Please check with your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of your donation.

Benefits of Being a Sponsor

Your help and support will ensure our area youth are provided a positive baseball/softball experience. As an individual or local business involved with Byron Twp Little League, you will benefit by being recognized for your goodwill and support of youth baseball/softball. For less than the price of a full-page ad in any publication, you can broadcast your message, every day, to the hundreds of people who visit the Byron Twp Little League fields.

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The Home Run Value Package - $800
The Triple Value Package - $600
The Double Value Package - $500
The Single Value Package - $300
Grand Slam Value Package - $2,000 (This price covers 2 years)
All Star Value Package - $3,500 (This price covers 2 years)
Golden Glove Value Package - $5,000 (This price covers 5 years)
Full Scoreboard (1 year) - $1,200
Half Scoreboard (1 year) - $750
Outfield Value Banner - $200
Supreme Banner - $300
Premiere Banner - $400
T-Ball Team Sponsor - $200
Website spot - $50

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