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*If able game cancellations will be posted on the front page- a general rule of thumb is if your coach has not called you then you need to show up to the field!!

Every now and then, the weather gets a little messy here in Michigan.  It might be rain, or it might even be snow!

The field manager is responsible to monitor the weather and to decide whether games will be played that day.  Before games are canceled, the field manager will contact the president of the league and a final decision will be made.  If games are canceled, the red flag will be raised on the flag pole and we will make every attempt to place a note on the web page.  

  1. If a tornado watch or warning is in effect ½ hour or less prior to any game time, that game (for Junior double headers, the match) will be canceled and rescheduled.
  2. Under any other conditions, coaches, players, parents and umpires should presume the games will be played and go to the fields. If the first game is canceled due to weather related conditions, later games may be played at the discretion of the umpire or attending league officials.
  3. Any other weather condition related decisions occurring immediately prior to or during the game will be made by the game umpires and attending board members. Head coaches only may also be involved in the conversation for input. 
  4. Once a game begins, if lightning is observed or thunder is heard, the contest must be suspended by the umpires and/or attending board members. The occurrence of lightning or thunder is not subject to interpretation or discussion — lightning is lightning; thunder is thunder. If it is reasonable, the umpires will call time and confer with the umpires on the adjoining fields prior to suspending play.  When play is suspended, all players should seek appropriate shelter.  Play is to remain suspended until 20 minutes after the last occurrence of thunder or lightening.
  5. In the rare event that an early game cancellation takes place, the decision will be made by the Field Manager and communicated to the Head Coaches whenever possible, and through the League Web Site (www.byrontownshiplittleleague.org).  Please DO NOT call the field Manager to ask about the status of games. If you do not hear, or see it on the web site, go to the field.