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Here is the list of volunteers that have signed up to coach for 2019. This list is not final. If you are on this list, it does not mean you are guaranteed a team, it just means you have signed up to coach a team for 2019. We will put out the final list once we determine how many teams we will have per each division. As you can see in a few divisions we have more volunteers that we will need. Some of you will not get a team as a head coach, but can still be an assistant if you like. Please look the list over and let us know if anything is incorrect.

The number of teams listed is generated from current registration. That number could change depending on the amount of kids we have sign up.

If you see your name in Orange with an NR (NOT REGISTERED) beside it, or you see your assistant or manager in with an NR beside it, that means they are not yet signed up to coach for 2019. We need you/them to take care of this ASAP.

Administration Only: In RED_BOLD_UNDERLINE means not in the system or on google sheet.

If you see your name in green, it means you've signed up to coach multiple teams. It's possible that you won't get selected to coach multiple teams if there are other coaches that would like to coach and aren't coaching multiple.


Baseball T-ball (14 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2
Beherns Koetsier Heyboer
Sequin McIntosh  
G. Eardley R. Eardley A. Brauer 
Boersma Leep  
Rottman McCarthy  
J. Kuncaitis P. Chateau Dyer 
Reimink J. Vandenberg A. Brooks 
Tobolic Hill Hughes
Vriesman Cavitt  
Mistry R. Smith  
C. Johnson Veltman  
Visser Trapp  
Bartz Gallagher  
Hatch M. Gorham  


Baseball Coach Pitch Minors (12 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2
Kloosterman R. Eardley  
Meissner Kobiela A. Whitmore 
Nealon Listen  Wildey
Overbeek Berkenpas  
Stubblefield Lowe Tawoda
Dyer J. Kuncaitis  Paul Chateau
B. Neilsen A. Nealson Berens
Krosschell DeMots  T. Bruinsma
J. Roberts Pitsch T. Bassett
Postma Hughes  
Fonnesbeck Goeman Franfurth
Byrne Kosiba  


Baseball Coach Pitch Majors (10 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2
Blackport Voorhees Hoekwater
J. Goeman D. Vis  A. Burgess
Willey Finkbeiber Hentemann 
B. Boomstra D. Boomstra Wolf
Marczuk Gordon Zapato
Davis Kramer Haase
Lucas Smoker Meyering
Powell Virga  
Mysliwiec Keller  
D. Reed P Reed  


Baseball Minor AA (14 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2
B. Boomstra Feyen Hapner
Thomas Gregwer R. Hughes
Martin Gritter Cole
Roelofs Mulder  
Rousch Keller Sontag
Postma M. Hughes Jager
Voorhees A. DeHaan M. Bussa
Lash Wiggins  Pelton
Ferguson M. VanderPloeg Josh Meyering
DeMots Marcusse Kroschell / Zoulek
Ryan Meyer Sobel
Whitmore Cook Pitsch
Bowers Jr. Underhill  
Washburne Foster  


Baseball Minor AAA (6 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2
Hauck Williams Patrick Meyering
Knight Schans Parker
Sandholm Slot Hayward
Emmitt Keimig Kolden
Feyen J. Vander Heide Weiss
Hartson Warsen Kettlewell


Baseball Majors (6 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2
Wychers Tilma Byrne
Baker Lee Carlson
Kwantes Montsma NR Veltman
Ryan Perez Nealon
Van Kampen J. Burgess Baumbach
Krauss Feyen Haverdink
Tanis   Helmus
  DeMots Kroschell


Baseball 50/70 (2 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2
J. Thull Borg  
A. Patrick    


Baseball Juniors (0 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2


Baseball Seniors (0 Team)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2


Softball T-Ball (6 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2
Cornelisse Gordon York
A. Stubblefield C. Lehnertz D. Bremner
A. Whitmore Engle K. Nash
Emmitt Rynearson Emmitt
C. Januarycraft Lloyd Craft
Longstreet Looms  
VanLaan Fulford D. Poliski


Softball Coach Pitch (8 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2
K. Bruwer Deters Dennett
Wind Fischer Tuttle
Sequin Rousch Powell
D. VanderMolen K. VanderMolen T. Brigham
Beherns  Blacquire Boersma
Terpstrsa Booth Lenhertz
Fisk Post Prins
Padding J. Jackson Brooks 


Softball Minor AA (8 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2
Fisk Prins Boyer Jr.
Unger Hyma  
R. Smith G. Grit E. Burgess
Van Solkema Deters Brooks
Bruwer Gottschalk Waters
Tawoda Thull  
Kwantes Kwantes C. Copeland


Softball Minor AAA (0 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2


Softball Majors (6 Teams)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2
Baumbach Dykstra J. VanderMolen
Bruwer Broekhuizen Huffman
Kooiker Ritz Johnson Cardosa
Schichtel Steensma Boyer Jr.
Schans Root Dunphy
Rewa Vanhouten Vigh


Softball Juniors (1 Team)

Manager Coach 1 Coach 2