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District 9 Byron Township Little League (BTLL) All-Star Selection Process
Created 1/12/2017
1. Byron Township Little League All-Stars
1.1. Each year, Byron Township Little League (BTLL) provides the opportunity by fielding competitive teams to participate in post-season Little League tournament play. The teams are composed of players from various teams that participated in the regular BTLL Baseball & Softball seasons. This document describes the process that BTLL will follow when selecting the managers, coaches and players to represent BTLL & District 9 in the Little League post-season tournaments.
1.2. The objective of the All-Star selection process is as follows:
1.2.1. Comply with Little League International rules
1.2.2. Create the most competitive team(s) possible
1.2.3. Create teams that will represent the league and community’s values
1.2.4. Provide transparency of the process
1.2.5. Be sustainable through ease of execution
1.2.6. Create self-governance among coaches
1.2.7. Be fair to players, parents and coaches
1.2.8. Be consistent in its application across leagues

2. All-Star Player Selection

2.1. All-star eligible division Team Managers will submit a list of up to (5) players from their team, and (5) additional players from the division, nominated for All-Stars by May 15 each season. Candidates for nomination should possess a combination of skills and attitude, which make this player someone appropriate to have the honor of playing All-Stars. Some factors which should be considered, include:
2.1.1. A player’s offensive skills and defensive skills
2.1.2. A player’s skills at key positions such as pitcher or catcher
2.1.3. A player’s attitude

2.2. Each manager should consider the following attributes when nominating a player for All-Stars:
2.2.1. The player’s level of commitment for All-Star practice and games
2.2.2. BTLL All Star team commitment is first over other sports or travel leagues
2.2.3. A player may who cannot commit to participate in all tournament games will not be considered for an All-Star team.
2.2.4. If a player is absent from a material number of practices or games, but remains on the team, their playing time will be reduced in proportion to the missed practices and games
2.3. The All-Star Manager will select their team from the list of nominated players. The All-Star Manager may elect to hold a player tryout if desired. A player tryout is not required. Only players nominated are eligible to attend the tryout.
2.4. The All-Star Manager will submit the team roster to the Byron Township Little League Board for approval. Once approved, the All-Star Manager may communicate to the players selected and start practicing. Little League International prohibits practices prior to June 1.
2.5. If determined and approved by the Byron Township Little League Board that a division will have more than one team, a second team (third, etc.) will be assembled from the list of player nominations. The runner-up All-Star Manager nominee will select the players. The same guidelines apply for tryouts and the practice start date (Sections 1.2 and 1.3).
2.6. All-Star Player Nomination Form must include:
2.6.1. Player’s Name
2.6.2. Parent’s Name
2.6.3. Parent’s E-Mail
2.6.4. Parent’s ph. #
2.6.5. Player’s League Age
2.6.6. Player’s Date of Birth
2.6.7. Player’s Division
2.6.8. Player’s Team Name

3. All-Star Manager Selection

3.1. All Byron Township Little League Managers and Coaches who are interested in becoming an All-Star Manager must submit their name to the Byron Township Little League President by May 1.
3.2. Eligibility requirements may include the following:
3.2.1. Managed or Coached within the division you’re applying for during the regular season. For Minors Division, you must have managed or coached in Minors or Majors Division during the regular season.
3.2.2. Manager’s conduct and attitude show clear support for Little League principals
3.2.3. Compliance with BTLL Rules and Regulations, particularly safety rules
3.2.4. Exhibited being a dynamic leader and know baseball/softball
3.2.5. Treats players and others fairly and with respect
3.2.6. Organizational skills and professionalism at the field
3.2.7. Parent and player feedback
3.2.8. Personal observations of the Manager by the President during the regular season
3.2.9. Feedback from the Division Representative, as well as other Managers and Coaches in the division;
3.2.10. Attendance at coaching clinics
3.2.11. Number of years and experience in Managing and Coaching for BTLL
3.2.12. Previous experience in Managing/Coaching All-Stars
3.2.13. Special skills, other coaching experience, background or experience
3.2.14. Ability to commit the time needed to manage All-Stars

3.3. The Byron Township Little League President will collect the list of applicants and present his/her recommendation to the Byron Township Little League Board for approval.

3.4. If a Byron Township Little League Board Member applies for an All-Star Manager position, they will not be eligible to vote.

3.5. All-Star Managers will be allowed to select up to (2) All-Star Coaches to assist them after the players are selected.

3.6. The Byron Township Little League Board reserves the right to reject the All-Star Managers coach selection(s).