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2020 Player Evaluations

Player Evaluations

February 22 & 29

Byron Center District Gym
8542 Byron Center Ave SW
Byron Center, MI 49315

Please Register your Son / Daughter for Player Evaluations

Any Questions Please read the FAQ below.

Click on "Sign Up" to link to that registration

This year registration for evaluations will be capped at certain numbers due to the large amount of kids signed up this year. Registration is first come first serve. Please only register for 1 evaluation.

February 22, 2020

Baseball - District Gym

AA - Feb 22nd - 12:00p - 1:30p  Sign Up

AAA - Feb 22nd - 1:45p - 3:15p  Sign Up

Majors - Feb 22nd - 3:30p - 5:00p  Sign Up

Softball - District Gym

AA - Feb 22nd - 8:00a - 9:30a  Sign Up

Majors/AAA Feb 22nd - 9:45a - 11:15a  Sign Up


February 29, 2020

Baseball - District Gym

AA - Feb 29th - 8:00a - 9:30a  Sign Up

AAA - Feb 29th - 9:45a - 11:15a  Sign Up

Majors - Feb 29th - 11:30a - 1:00p  Sign Up

Softball - District Gym

AA - Feb 29th - 1:30p - 3:00p  Sign Up

Majors/AAA Feb 29th - 3:15p - 4:45p  Sign Up

The following divisions do NOT need to attend evaluations:

Baseball Seniors, Juniors, 50/70, Coach Pitch and T-Ball

Softball Juniors, Coach Pitch and T-Ball


Does my Son/Daughter have to go? Answer: Yes.  Every player that is in the Baseball Divisions of Majors, AAA and AA must attend at least one of the two dates.  Every Player that is in the Softball Divisions of Majors, AAA and AA must attend at least one of the two dates.

Does my Son/Daughter have to go to both evaluation dates?  Answer: No.  This year, because of the large number of boys in Baseball AA, we ask that you only attend 1 evaluation.

If my Dad/Mom or Relation is going to be my coach, do I still need to go to evaluations?  Answer: No, if you are playing in Baseball Majors, AAA, AA and Softball Majors, AAA and AA. You will automatically be on their team.

What if I don't go to either Evaluation Dates?  Will my Son/Daughter still get to play?  Answer:  Yes.  But if they are in a draft league (BB Majors, AAA and AA, Softball Majors, AAA and AA) they will not be in the pool of draft eligible players. What that means is the draft will be held and after it is complete, the BTLL Board will place those players that didn't attend at least 1 evaluation, on the teams they see fit.

Do I have to stay the Entire Time?  Answer: The player, Yes.  The Parent, No.  There will be plenty of adult supervision at the evaluations.

What if my Son/Daughter doesn't play in one of those divisions, do they have to go?  Answer:  No.  This is ONLY for draft leagues.  If you cant remember what division you signed up for, please look at your email receipt before emailing the League.  If you still cant find it, please send us a message.

What do I need to bring to Evaluations?  Answer:  Tennis Shoes, Glove.  If you bring your own bat or catchers gear, please keep tabs on it.  BTLL is not responsible for anything lost or stolen.

When will I know what team I'm on?  Answer:  The drafts are within the two weeks following Evaluations.  Coaches are asked to contact their players within a couple days of draft.


by posted 01/15/2020
Registration Is Open!
!!! 9 Days left !!!
Registration is currently open for the 2020 season. Early registration will close on Feb 2nd. Late registration will close on Feb 16th. A $10 fee will be added to registrations from Feb 2nd to Feb 16th.

by posted 12/01/2019

Follow this link for a list of our most commonly asked questions. If you can't find the answer you are looking for, feel free to shoot us an email at byrontownshiplittleleague.org.


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Edit Your Account or Registration
Things change.  It is important to keep all parent and player records up to date to receive notification of the events and team communication once you are placed on a roster. Accurate registration data is also needed for directors to create teams in the younger divisions.

Forgot your account password
Select “Edit My Account” on the left menu.  Enter the email address you used to register your family (same email notifications come to). Then click Forgot? to have the system email you a password.

To keep your account information current
Select “Edit My Account” on the left menu.  Log into your account then select the name of the person to change.  When you are done hit submit on the bottom of the page.  Repeat for other members of your account.  (With some browsers you may need to click the edit my account button again to get the name link to work.)

Add multiple email addresses for notifications
If relatives or friends would like to receive email event notifications you can do this by entering more than one email address on the player information.  To add more addresses just insert a comma and enter another one. 

To edit your registration information
Select “Register Online”, click “Begin Registration” in the division of the player you are going to change.   Continue by the parent confirmation screen and log into your account.  There you will find an icon to the left of your player’s name.   Click it to edit existing registration data.  You will first be taken to the Participant Information screen where you can make changes to it if needed.  Go to the bottom of the page and click “Submit Information” to advance to the Supplemental Information page.  Change what you need to and then go to the bottom of the page and click “Submit Information”


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