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by posted 04/25/2023

Good evening Cardinals,

The boys have done a great job this first week of the season battling some cold weather.  It was decided that they deserve some snacks!  Below is a link to Sign Up Genius for anyone who would like to volunteer to bring snacks for the team following their remaining games.  Any participation is appreciated, but certainly not expected.

Thanks in advance, and thank you to Hailie Scott for setting up the sign-up sheet!

Cardinals Snack Sign Up




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Team Pictures, Etc.
by posted 04/20/2023

Good afternoon Cardinals,

Opening day is just two days away and we are scheduled for team pictures at 4:30pm prior to the start of our game on Saturday against the Yankees at Whistlestop Youth 4.  Pictures will be at the pavilion by the Whistlestop playground. 

We only have ten players on the team this year, so it is important that everyone try to arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of each game.  If you cannot make it to any game this year, just send me a message so we can plan lineups accordingly.  

Also, just a reminder that we are scheduled for a scrimmage with the Marlins today at 6:30pm at Whistlestop 4.  If the weather does not cooperate, I will get a message out to the team as quickly as possible.

Thanks, and hope to see everyone today.


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2023 CP Majors Cardinals Schedule
by posted 04/02/2023

Good afternoon Cardinals,

The league recently published the full schedule for the 2023 season.  I am attempting to attach a PDF version of that schedule for the group's convenience.  I know that some families may not use the website regularly, or you may have other family members you want to share the schedule with. If the attachment does not come through to your emails, just let me know and I can send a clean copy directly.

If your child cannot make any of the games, please try to let the coaches know at least 24 hours in advance of the game-- to the extent possible.  The league website has an RSVP feature, but emails are fine if more convenient.  The coaches will have lineups completed before the game to try to evenly allocate infield/outfield opportunities amongst the players, so advance notice helps with that planning.  

Lastly, the kid's will pitch the first inning or two of each game throughout the season.  Every child will be scheduled to pitch and catch at least one inning during the season.  I think it's a great opportunity for the kids to get introduced into kid pitch, and all of the kids did well last week during practice.  However, if anyone has a child who is uncomfortable pitching and feels strongly that they don't want to pitch, please let me know and we will keep them off the mound!

Thanks, and looking forward to a fun season.


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