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Athletics - Update
by posted 04/15/2021

Good evening:

Our first game is at 9 AM this Saturday (4/17) at Whistlestop 1.  Please try to RSVP for the games on the Byron Township Little League website so we can plan the lineups in advance for each game.

We are scheduled for player photos at 8:20 AM at the Pavillion by the playground.  I have hats and t-shirts for all of the players and will arrive around 8 AM to pass them out.  If for any reason you would like to pick-up your player's uniform in advance of pictures, you can stop by our house tomorrow between 4 PM and 7 PM.  I would just ask that you text me at 616-821-5892 and I will send you the address.

My understanding is that the player photos will be done individually this year due to COVID precautions.  They will photoshop a team photo of the group.  I will have order forms on Saturday morning, but the online ordering is pretty convenient and can be done at the following website:  https://premier-photography.hhimagehost.com/V2/Home/Index


Below please find this year’s schedule for games in case you wanted to email it out to anyone or just to have it for your reference.  Please note that this includes a clarification on the second game, which was previously noted as Wednesday the 22nd.  That game is Wednesday April 21st.

Day Date Team Time  Location
Saturday 4/17/2021 Mariners 9:00 AM Whistlestop Adult 1
Wednesday 4/21/2021 Cardinals 5:15 PM Bicentennial North
Saturday 4/24/2021 Pirates 10:45 AM Bicentennial North
Monday 4/26/2021 Rangers 7:00 PM Bicentennial North
Saturday 5/1/2021 Giants 10:45 AM Bicentennial North
Monday 5/3/2021 White Sox 7:00 PM Cutler Park
Saturday 5/8/2021 Yankees 10:45 AM Bicentennial North
Monday 5/10/2021 Cubs 5:15 PM Bicentennial North
Saturday 5/15/2021 Tigers 2:15 PM Bicentennial North
Monday 5/17/2021 Mariners 7:00 PM Bicentennial North
Saturday 5/22/2021 Cardinals 2:15 PM Bicentennial North
Monday 5/24/2021 Pirates 5:15 PM Whistlestop Youth 2
Thursday 6/3/2021 Rangers 5:15 PM Bicentennial North
Saturday 6/5/2021 Giants 12:30 PM Bicentennial North
Monday 6/7/2021 White Sox 5:15 PM Whistlestop Youth 2


Please note that game days, locations, and times vary quite a bit this year.  I would request your support in getting the players to the field at least 10 minutes early to get warmed-up. Our games are scheduled for an hour and half this year.

Snacks will be provided for this Saturday's game.  If anyone would like to volunteer to bring snacks for future games, please let me know.

Look forward to seeing everyone on Saturday. Thanks,


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Welcome to the Athletics
by posted 03/22/2021

Good morning,

I wanted to take a moment to welcome everyone to the 2021 Coach Pitch Minors Athletics.  
Our first practice is scheduled for Wednesday (3/24) 5pm at Whistlestop Adult 1 field.  A second practice is scheduled for the following Wednesday (3/31) 5pm at Cutler park.  
If you should have any questions, please feel free to email me.  I may not (probably won't) have the answer, but will try to track it down ASAP.
Thanks in advance for your help making this a great season for the kids, and look forward to meeting you in the coming week(s).
Mike Rodgers

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