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by posted 04/13/2021

Hello Cubbies


Good Evening Red Fans,
Just got back from our coaches meeting and have a few COVID rules I want to make sure everyone is aware of. 
  • We are not allowed to share helmets this year.  The league only gave me 3 helmets (I have requested more) for the entire team, so if you have the means to buy your own, I would. If not, I will do my best to get more. I bought 2 for $15 total off marketplace today.   
  • The league will not allow the kids to share catching equipment.  I did request a second set as well and hopefully I get it.  But regardless we won't be rotating catchers very often this year. Most likely 1 kid will catch the whole game.
  • Parents are not allowed to sit on the bleachers, and you must bring your own chairs. 
  • I am supposed to disinfect the equipment after every game and will do my best to do that. 
  • The league is "recommending" (not requiring) kids have a mask on in the dugout along with social distancing.  
  • We will be doing individual pictures only, not team photos.  They are going to combine all the individual photo's together for a team photo. 
Honestly, I signed up because I love working with kids and have fun coaching them.  I will do my best to keep our COVID protocols in place but won't be policing it over and over.  I am passing on the rules to make sure everyone knows them and hope you can help along the way.
Now on to the good stuff. We have practice tonight at 6:30pm. I have uniforms, hats, and picture forms.  However, they are trying to do as much picture ordering online as possible.  Tonights practice will be a bit shorter.  I want to have the kids off the field at 7:30pm. I believe an hour should be sufficient. We have another practice Thursday. This will be a scrimmage to get the kids a better understanding of game situations and rules.
Our game schedule is posted. Our games will be played on all Wednesday and Saturdays.  I have 2 great assistants and a few other dads that have helped out.  I am looking for 2 very important volunteers outside of my asst. coaches. These can be dads/moms/grandpas/grandmas anyone really.
1. Stat book
2. Dugout controller 
Pictures are Saturday but we don't have an assigned time yet.  Keep checking the website for updates.  
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions and enjoy the rest of your night!


Thank you,


Eric Foster


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